A game designer, game researcher and a writer (poet).

A seasoned game designer with years of experience in games. I specialise in mobile, f2p game design and player experience research. I have worked across multiple platforms and game types as a game developer, designer and leader. I am an empathetic designer, passionate about understanding people’s needs which shows in my leadership attitude, design for players and research work. I have worked across big (EA etc.) and small studios (YesGnome etc.) on a number of platforms and gaming genres. I started my career in India and since have travelled between India, Scotland, Germany and am currently based in London. I keep the focus of my work on intriguing messaging, clean mechanics, creative innovation and fair-robust game models. These days I am working on independent games, latest project being RED.

Some of the games I have worked on are Scooby Doo (TV), Worms Armageddon (mobile), Trivial Pursuit (Kindle), Cafe World (facebook), Monster World (mobile), Critter Crisis (mobile), Angry Birds Pop (mobile), Merge Dragons!(mobile). I have witnessed many cancelled projects and developed many small games for personal joy.

In my research (PhD), I have worked on applying stage magic principles to game design. I am particularly keen on understanding uncertainty in moment-to-moment gameplay and finding ways to elicit that using principles and techniques from other creative fields. I care deeply about constantly learning about game design from other fields and from day-2-day interactions.

I use games, poetry and fiction to challenge form, flow, express and discover. I recently published my debut poetry collection, The Saree Shop and a short story Garden of Vaginas. I often blog on Medium, if you wish to check that out. You can get a copy of my debut poetry collection, The Saree Shop here or with the publishers. It tries to tackle topics around identity, diversity, illusion of home and culture.